Saturday, June 30, 2007

Supremes speak on schools

A little background on the Supreme Court ruling on using race for school assignments might be in order today. The case concerns Louisville and Seattle. Both of these cities have voluntary programs which encourage racial diversity. Neither is involved in a desegregation lawsuit.

The court ruled that race many not be the only factor that is used to assign students to a school. Under the circumstances, that is good law and good policy too. We liberals are a bit slow to catch on that the world is much different than 50 years ago when public schools were largely divided on race, and black folks went to inferior schools.

It was thought that white people would never pay to improve schools attended by blacks unless their children went there too. So, we had integration. The high court did not take into account the amazing resourcefulness of parents whose way of life is threatened. The result is a system which is, in many cases, just as segregated as before.

The good news is that society is much different today, and is not headed back. Diversity is good, but it is not an end by itself. Academic success should always be the goal. That should not need saying.

Every child should have an equal shot at the best programs and be able to attend a quality school. The rest will take care of itself.

(Broadcast June 29, 2007)

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Interesting that when the SCOTUS gets one right, you hear very little from likes of the banshees at the Arkansas Times.

Your commments here are right on!

5:02 PM
I totally agree with you Diversity is great but academic achievement is the real goal.
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