Friday, December 09, 2005

Entergy appeal for New Orleans aid rejected

By Richard Cowan and Chris Baltimore
Friday, December 9, 2005; 7:48 PM

The Washington Post is running a story which will probably make a dent on Arkansas ratepayers. Shades of Grand Gulf as Arkansans pay for out-of-state power generation. Entergy claims (correctly) that the feds have some responsibility for the levee system, which failed and caused the floods which destroyed Entegy's generators.

Feds are suddenly concerned about propping up corporations with taxpayer money. Strangely, that rule seems not to apply for Haliburton contracts.

Entergy is probably wrong, but it would seem more likely that the Republican Bush administration is doing everything possible to make sure that New Orleans does not return as a hotbed of racial minorities and Democrats. Keep money intended for hurricane relief tied up in Washington. That's the GOP game plan.

Sure dude, it's always a conspiracy.
First off there Lynch, I think that you need to get on the ass of the Mayor of New Orleans and the Gov. of LA harder than you get on the Bush administration. How come everything has to be blamed on Bush. Does Florida have the problems of LA, no! The reason is whenever something happens to a group of black people, and there were white people there too, people like you try to get there support and blame everything on Republicans. I like some democratic views, but it makes me sick and pushes me further from your views when it is always the rich white folks fault.
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