Tuesday, August 14, 2007


if you scroll down, there is plenty of information on today's election. Big money special interests, listed in the news summary below, have fairly well strangled the flow of information on this important decision.

For example, if it is such a good thing to raise Mark Stolola's salary to $160,000 a year, why do the expensive full-color mail out ads not say that? The dishonesty is obvious.

I have several essays below, so make up your own mind. Information on polling locations is available by calling (501) 340-8383.

UPDATE: Marie and I voted during the noon hour. Short line and it appeared that there was fairly moderate voting for a special election in August on a brutally hot day. It looks like more people than I expected have turned out. This is GOOD NEWS for those of us who want to defeat this power grab. It is possible to beat the Stephens interests and the other big real estate developers ONLY if you take the time to get out and VOTE "NO" TWICE. (actually you vote "AGAINST"). We can win the day!

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