Monday, August 13, 2007

Tough on crime?

Governor Mike Beebe has been doing well, for the most part. He has been very judicious in the use of executive clemency. Of 107 recent applications, he has granted two.

One is a gent from Michigan who got in trouble for drug use. I would grant pardons to every single druggie and get them out of the system immediately. Law enforcement wastes far too much time with this so-called “war on drugs.” Of course, it has become a growth industry and plenty of folks are getting rich off the misery of others.

The other man is from the capital city and has been convicted of burglary, terroristic threatening and aggravated assault. Now, I might as well clue you in that local law enforcement has no complaint with this proposed pardon, but I have a real problem. One of the reasons violent crime is such a problem is that we do not take it seriously.

I will say this to the day I die, so you can just get used to it. Write it down. When somebody makes a decision to do bodily harm, they have told the rest of us they do not intend to obey the rules. All such people should be considered dangerous and locked up for many decades. I recommend they stay behind bars till at least age 70. By then, bad boys are too tired to cause any more trouble.

I’d never turn a violent criminal out of prison if I had the choice.

(Broadcast August 13, 2007)

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