Thursday, August 09, 2007

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A panel of the state commission that disciplines judges agreed Wednesday to recommend dismissal of ethics charges against state Court of Appeals Judge Wendell Griffen. The panel determined that public comments that Griffen made critical of the Bush administration's handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, among others, was protected speech under the First Amendment.

A state employee’s e-mail contains evidence in a lawsuit over the University of Arkansas’ handling of a harassing e-mail to a former quarterback, a plaintiff’s attorney contends. Fort Smith attorney Eddie Christian Jr. says an e-mail from Department of Finance and Administration employee Sherri Darby points to a cover-up by key witnesses in the case stemming from an e-mail sent in December to Mitch Mustain, a freshman quarterback at the time.

Gov. Mike Beebe says he will consider pushing an initiated act to raise the severance tax on natural gas if energy companies, legislators and counties do not reach a consensus. Although a major player in the Fayetteville Shale, Arkansas has the lowest severance tax in the region.

Sandra Hochstetter resigned from the Arkansas Public Service Commission amid concerns that conflicting interests could rise if she presides over cases involving her future employer — the Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. — or one of its competitors.

Gov. Mike Beebe says that he won’t delay the implementation of new social studies standards that historians have said will de-emphasize the teaching of Arkansas history.

The state will loan $33 million for construction of a regional wastewater treatment facility in Northwest Arkansas, Gov. Mike Beebe announced Wednesday. The package, which also calls for the state to bear finance and interest costs for 3.5 years at a cost of about $4.3 million, will allow construction to begin immediately with a planned completion date of late 2009 or early 2010.

A new law in Fayetteville will put the brakes on residents using lots of their front yard for parking. The Fayetteville City Council has approved limiting how many vehicles can be parked in front of residences, and how much of a front yard can be used for parking.

Jacoby Cooper, an 8-year-old boy from Hope is dead after apparently shooting himself accidentally while visiting a friend, according to the Hope Police Department.

Five correction officers are being disciplined by the Department of Correction, most for knowing about abuse of inmates at the East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickeys and not coming forward to report it.

Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley wants the Arkansas State Police to investigate a nonprofit probation program and its relationship with a Pulaski County court after an audit pointed to conflicts with state law. The state police received the information on Cycle Breakers, a nonprofit program that works with probationers from the 5th Division Circuit Court.

A 27-year-old Little Rock man accused of killing his stepfather is back in jail after a detective testified he saw him threaten the victim’s family in front of the Pulaski County Courthouse the day before. Attorneys for Harold Terrance Dison, who is charged with first-degree murder, argued he’d been provoked by the family members.

A Maumelle man is being held in lieu of $250,000 bond after being charged in the abduction and rape of two women he met outside a Little Rock nightspot while posing as a narcotics officer. Chase A. Prater, 23 faces two counts of kidnapping and single counts of rape, sexual assault and criminal impersonation in the assault.

A rape suspect believed by prosecutors to be 22 years old has 30 days to prove he is 17 and eligible to have his case transferred into juvenile court. Hugo Eriberto Morales was arrested in March after Fort Smith police responded to a report that a 14-year-old girl was obtaining a pregnancy test at a local clinic. Police suspect Morales of being involved with the girl in what the defense contends was a consensual relationship.

A growing air of violence on Beale Street, highlighted by the assault on a patron by a security guard, has the landlord of the entertainment district wanting to scale back its hours. Now, John Elkington, the leasing agent the city-owned entertainment district, says he plans to appear before Memphis City Council to lop off those last two hours of operation, to 3 a. m..

The accusations against Chase Prater are completely a fabrication of two sad women who for some unknown reason must have something against him or are out to ruin a mans life just because they can. I am so tired of women yelling rape and other bullshit just because they themselves are in trouble and want to save their own @$$ or just want to mess with somebody life. There is no evidence in this case and charges will hopefully soon be dismissed. Prater is a good man who has been through so much for this country and lost more than anyone will ever know for the freedoms that we take for granted every day. He is not capable of the horrible things they said he did. Plus, the girl who said he raped her was a sexual assault volunteer and there fore knew to go to the police right away if she was raped. This supposedly happened on Friday night - Saturday morning but they did not go to the police until Tuesday. Hmm, why did it take her that long to go forward? She knows how crucial time is in catching a rapist. Physical evidence is the what will put them away.
Hard to believe this is the Chase I knew.....
First of all you are very wrong about when the girl went to the police. She went the day of the rape. Their is video footage of Prater following the women in the club. Also at the trial their was DNA evidence. Their were also other witnesses to testify he was acting like a police officer. Well you know he was convicted on all four charges. He is where he belongs.
You can say "that is not the Chase I knew" but the truth is, is that you never REALLY know anyone. He was an in your face, controlling, posessive, compulsive liar. So impersonating a police officer and raping women AND THEN lying about it wouldn't be far off from his personality if you ask me.
First off I do not buy for a second what these 2 women are stating, since they were intoxicated to begin with and leaving the club and about to get into their personal vehicle and knowing Mr. Prater as I do more than likely offered to take them home instead of allowing them to be cited for a DWI offense which case probably would've done them more justice and since the alleged has had physcotic emotional behavior problems has ruined a life for a young man who has served this country with honor where is the justice for him?
This is certainly a sad day for a young man who has served this country for what we do take for granted each and everyday, However in lieu of this information about him speaking to the first lay he dropped off and speaking then with her husband certainly doesn't imply kidnapping to me, your thoughts, and then the victim states she wanted to get a room in Morgan and her debit card rejected, if she was so feared for her life, why didn't she inform the night clerk at this motel she needed the police summoned? Did the prosecuter's office not even question this or did she somehow convince this man she was a helpless, drunk and was so inebriated she didn't know right from wrong... What on earth are these women up to going out doing the same thing 3 days later? People please write to get this man released from jail... Good Grief what a waste of tax payers monies...
The more information that comes to light about that night in August the more a person can clearly see that this is nothing more than a case of a NOT so pretty little girl getting her pretty little feelings hurt. The DNA "evidence" just proves what Prater said, that he had a one night stand with his girl and he even admitted that the condom fell onto her clothes. The DNA would be important if he said he didnt have sex with her. But he did. Autumn Roberson, the woman who claims she was raped, works for the department of human services where she "says" she helps people. Is that the person you want helping the people in need? The other woman, Allison Kelley, lied on the stand to help her friend put an innocent man away. SICK!!!! Allison Kelley said she feared for her life, but she let her friend leave with this man. Hmm??? Sounds fishy!!!
I dated Chase Prater for 4 years and he never laid a hand on me. Plus I knew him like no one else did. These accusations are completely false. And these women are sick for taking a man's life away. If anyone is spending 28 years in prison it should be Autumn for all of her lies. Thinking about Chase spendning the rest of his life behind bars, after serving this counrty, just breaks my heart. Autumn you will have to live with this for the rest of your life.
Autumn Roberson I highly doubt feels any remorse for the things she has done. Since Chase was convicted I have met several people who have known her through high school and college and they have all told me that none of this suprises them coming from her. What does that tell you? Karma is a bitch so she will get what she deserves. Chase is holding up very well and hopefully soon we will have him out
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First of all the women were not drunk and one of the women's husband was a witness to Chase's sociopathic behavior. Anyone that believes the story he told is a victim to his sociopathy and really needs to seek counseling. If you have any thoughts to reconsider your judgement, re-read the statements and maybe next time go to the hearing. His parents stated to him that he never mentioned almost every fact brought up in the court room that day.
Not drunk?!? Allison Kelly was so intoxicated she couldn't find her keys or drive. She was so intoxicated that she was sitting outside of midtown on the curb and Autymn went back inside to get her some water. No, not drunk at all. Autymn Roberson even admitted to the detectives AND the SANE nurse that she had a lot to drink including "several yeager bombs" plus she had taken her prescription adderall medicine prior to going out and drinking which clearly states NOT to take with alcohol because it can intensify the effects, but no, they were not drunk at all!! Ok, the statements, you mean the ones that read "yea, like, ya know what I mean." The ones that sound like they came from an airhead who was on crack who was making up the lies as she went along? Yea, read them, went to the hearing where both girls dressed like the sluts that they are. Autymn Roberson finally got off the drugs and gained ALOT of weight and her clothes were way too tight, who could miss that? Allison Kelly's husband even admitted he didnt remember much because he was sick and had passed out from medicine with codeine in it, yea, lets trust what he remembers from his drug induced coma. Facts were brought up in the court room? What would those be? I heard lie after lie after lie. For something to be a fact it has to be proven. NONE of the allegations against Chase Prater can be proven. He had CONSENSUAL sex with a girl so his semen was there, big whoop, that happens every day. What doesnt happen every day is that the girl get her pretty little feelings hurt and go get her friend in on crying rape with her to get her revenge. They always say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".
This has got to be the dumbest comment ever. "You can say "that is not the Chase I knew" but the truth is, is that you never REALLY know anyone. He was an in your face, controlling, posessive, compulsive liar. So impersonating a police officer and raping women AND THEN lying about it wouldn't be far off from his personality if you ask me." You contradict yourselve by saying "you never really know anyone" then make crazy claims about the guy like you know him. Let me ask you this if you "never REALLY know anyone" then how in the HELL do REALLY know that he is all the things you claim. Well I think you are a baby raping, child molesting, moron. See how easy that was to say behind a keyboard doesnt make it true. Also if you never really know someone then how do we know that this isnt a case of a whore that spread like peanut butter, found out she wasnt as hot shit as she thought got mad and LIED and this time not on her back which I hear is how most recognize her. I know Chase better than almost anyone, I believe two of the people that know him better have already posted the same feelings I have toward the matter above, and it's not in him to do these things. He is the one person who you could call on day or night and he would drop everything to help a friend. Also Im not going to hide behind anonymous my name is Chad Willis and email is in case ANYONE has a problem with my comments.
Let me start off and tell you up in tell a couple of days ago I never heard of Chase Prater or Autumn Roberson. That is untill my sister and I started getting emails from Autumn Roberson.Autumn is also texting my sister and calling her. All because my sister use to date her boyfriend( I mean Autumn's Exboyfriend but she don't want to admit that. being rejected, she is a very disturbed person, I know what she is putting Scott through, He had to have the cops come to his house just to get her out.When Autum Roberson talks its all lies. Chase Prater may be guilty of Impersonating a police office, but after seeing what she is doing to my sister and me, and she has never met us. I think she capable of laying about the Rape
What is amazing to me is that I have heard from several people that Autumn Roberson is "a bit crazy". When I told people what happened to Chase and I told them who she was people told me stories about how she had told them how she would "have to be drunk to be able to pull this off" referring to the trial. I have heard stories about her having sex with multiple partners, about walking into a room of people but naked asking one guy "so when are we gonna fuck?", excessive drug use, and all around promiscuity.
It's a very sad situation, for everyone involved. If the girls were lying, justice will find them through God. I hope he gets out early on good behavior and is able to bounce back from this. If he is indeed guilty, I hope he finds Jesus and repents and will spend the rest of his life correcting his wrong. He's been through a lot, but he is one of the strongest people I ever knew. I'm very sad for him and for his family. Hopefully they can have peace knowing so many people believe in him.
This is the Chase Prater I know. He is a fool, a liar, a thug, a thief, a coward, and a hypocrite. I bore witness to this for three & a half years while I was in his unit, Echo Company, 2d Bn, 3d Mar Div. It does not surprise me that he's in the crowbar motel for multiple felonies and sex offenses. He has officially struck rock bottom. No self-respecting company will ever hire him, he can no longer vote, travel or assemble freely, hold any public office, or own a firearm. He has reaped what he has sown, and deserves all twenty-eight years in that cell. I hope he comes to regret his deeds and apologizes to those two women and that he would believe in Jesus and repent. If not, I hope the next woman he attempts to rape has a Glock 19 in her purse. -Van
All you people leaving comments about Chase being innocent are fools! Autumn Roberson had a full academic scholarship to CBC and UCA. At CBC you couldn't drink or would lose your scholarship. Why would security from the bar that night testified he told everyone he was a police officer? All the people leaving statements are jealous of Autumn and Allison because they are the pathetic sluts that don't take care of their children! Those girls have been put through grief because they are pretty! A jury of 12 found him guilty and the fact all these people say evidence lies, show how ignorant they are and how they still are jealous of the girls!!! That would be whores that don't take of their children such as Lindsey Ditzig, who one of her good friends almost charged her and her ex boyfriend with attempted rape and Lindsey Edmonson. Ditzig use to go to the bar that the girls were kidnapped from and snort cocaine and tell her parents she was in class every Tuesday and has been in rehab for shooting up meth!!! All these comments come from people like that!!! You didn't go to the trial but you sure act like a medical and criminal expert all of you!!! Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you or your children one day and then they get slammed for doing the right thing! All of you are a disgrace to society!!!!
To the most recent comment.... Went to the trial, read every statement the girls made, both of them made statements that they had a lot to drink that night, have met multiple people with very similar stories about Autumn Roberson being an all around liar and slut, talked to two people who said she told them she was going to have to be drunk in the courtroom to pull this off, people keep their scholarships all the time who drink (I went to college too), and in all honesty there is no way for anybody but Chase, Autumn, and Allison to honestly know what happened that night. The jury made their decision despite what any of us think. I knew Chase for years. Do I think he was capable of this? No. Not in the slightest. Not to the degree that the stories go to. Do I think something happened that night that the girls may not have been happy about? Allsion not so much, Autumn I think she had a one night stand and Chase treated her like she was not shit to him and she got pissed. Unless you KNEW Chase, which you obviously do not, then it would be easy to believe the stories that were presented to the jury.
Evidence is evidence. Sounds like you support rapist and child molesters. You should be in prison. The jury and supreme Court found them guilty. Imagine if something like this happened to your child. You are a sick individual. You won't even say your name because you now he is guilty. Sicko!!
I personally served with prater. In 20 years in the Marine Corps, he was the worst Marine I've ever known. He was charged for abandoning his guard post in Afghanistan. He frequently lied and scammed. This guy is a dangerous manipulator. Glad he got 28 years
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