Monday, August 27, 2007

Swift justice

Let us take a look at the crime report. In my hometown, two men were shot in the head while sitting on the front porch late at night. That would make a total of 31 killings so far this year, which is actually quite a bit better than last year.

There is a trend I note in Pine Bluff, that is both tragic and agreeable. Twice in the past week a young man with a gun has been shot to death inside a residence. That should telegraph a little message. I do not approve of the death penalty as it is carried out in our legal system, which favors the well situated and wealthy. I do not believe in any cruel or unusual punishments, and I expect every criminal defendant to receive the full compliment of constitutional rights. We need to be careful of government, so that is how it must be.

On the other hand, when somebody enters a residence armed with a handgun, they have informed the homeowner of an intention to do harm and deserve whatever happens. It is regrettable because the two deceased individuals are rather young, but they made a grownup decision. Do not call them “boys.”

I would not execute either one of them, but I am glad some righteous homeowner has done it for me. The world is a better safer place today.

)Broadcast August 28, 2007)

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