Friday, August 10, 2007


The big secret is out, and only days before the election. Although the latest slick mail-out paid by local swells makes no mention whatsoever of the seemingly insignificant matter of COMPENSATION, Arkansas Times reports in a generally favorably framed article (concurring with the official editorial position) that Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will earn an annual salary of $160,000, if voters should approve two items in an August 14 special election.

This is the same salary as City Manager Bruce Moore, even though the Mayor gets no more real power under this new arrangement. Doesn't the mayor already make appointments? Can't he already influence the budget? Proponents have FAILED to list duties demonstrating that the new responsibilities amount to a full-time job.

Read the Arkansas Times story for yourself, and them read the SEVEN crucial HARD QUESTIONS I have raised over this election, which are posted below. Decide for yourself. That is all I can ask.

VOTE "NO" TWICE ON AUGUST 14, and in early voting.

Little Rock deserves a mayor-council form of government. Passing these measures will assure no further reform for decades, which is exactly what people like old money city director Stacy Hurst (of the large florist business) and Tommy Folez (who describes himself as a bio-diesel entrepreneur) want for Little Rock. These are two members of the local power elite who have endorsed the ballot items on the latest full color slick paper ad paid for by big money special interests. Hurst and Folts forgot to mention that Stolola gets $160,000 as a result of this scheme.

I appreciate that Arkansas Times has, at least, been willing to reveal some of the details of this matter. Thanks to Allen, Max and reporter Jennifer Barnett Reed.

Scroll down for more useful information, and talk to your friends! VOTE NO TWICE ON AUGUST 14!

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