Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some weekend reading from my rail passenger blog

Over at Trains for America, things have been busy for the past week. Here are a few headlines from recent posts.

Wilmington Whine
Question mark over Michigan Amtrak operations
Minnesota conference on energy hits important rail issues
New Minneapolis bridge will be ready for light rail
Rick Murphy: No Madison stop for Twin Cities train
Fort Worth Stat-Telegram comes close
The trains are coming back to Goldsboro
Maine tackles highway congestion with rail solution
Michigan on the move
But we would fall off the edge of the world!!!
Make those who cause the damage pay for highways
Albany reader calls for improvements to existing service
After bridge colapse, Minneapolis holding out for the best plan Portland, Maine prattle
Amtrak June revenue and ridership up
Amtrak equipment shortage highlighted by Talgo failure
Houston Chronicle readers question airport congestion
Beaumont, Texas is on the radar
Bombardier looks ahead
North Carolina's positive viewpoint
Passenger rail safer and faster
Atlanta - Macon corridor gets a nod
Major airports connect to transit and Amtrak
And you thought The Sunset had problems?
Baltimore is burning
Talking tall in Texas
Amtrak makes Bush's "naughty" list
Micro-managing Amtrak

That last one is particularly appropriate for folks who think Amtrak should be run like a business. It contains a lengthy direct quote of the appropriation bill's language about requirements Congress slaps on Amtrak.

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