Friday, August 10, 2007

Razorback Red!

The Memphis Commerical had an item the other day about how things are so much different for Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick. This year, the paper fawns, Dick will not have to endure the suspense of wondering if he is the starting quarterback. Without that pesky Parade All-American, Mitch Mustain around to muck things up, Casey can expect clear sailing.

Although I believe Mr. Dick to be a talented athlete, it’s a good bet that most of us are not quite so enthusiastic about being rid of Mustain. Well, there is that one outspoken woman who once addressed him as “Mr. Interception King,” but most of us would have liked for Mitch to stick around.

The other big question mark this year is the outstanding Darren McFadden, who came within a breath of gaining the Heisman Trophy last season. McFadden is the real thing. He’s got a target on his back this year. This will not be easy going. OK, there is that game against Chattanooga in Little Rock, but other than that, it will not be easy going. On second thought, on any given Saturday… I guess you know the rest…

(Broadcast August 10, 2007)

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