Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No apology needed

Congress has passed a rather stupid non-binding resolution calling on Japan to apologize to the 200,000 women forced into sex slavery during World War II. That was 62 years ago. Emperor Hirohito and the militaristic leadership of that defeated nation are not around to do the appropriate public repentance, and it seems unfair to put that off on the current government.

This little bit of meddling has also stirred up the Japanese nationalist factions, and I don’t think anybody thinks that is a good idea. We would all agree, I think, that this kind of thing relegates atrocious misdeeds to the level of bad manners. It is not fair to say that nobody ever brought this up before. The perpetrators have had plenty to feel embarrassment over, if they are even capable of such.

You may be wondering, so let me clarify that American military people forced into Japanese labor camps may not seek damages under the terms of surrender. That is my final point. I was not alive then, and I bet most of you were either, but surrender means that. It was absolute and unconditional. That should settle everything. Those interested in righting wrong might look toward Cambodia, Rwanda, or Iraq.

(Broadcast August 1, 2007)

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