Saturday, August 18, 2007

Huck advances

Mike Huckabee says that his “win” in the Iowa straw poll moves him into the top tier of presidential candidates. Checking with a couple of my conservative friends, David Sanders and Bill Vickery, there is some disagreement with the former governor’s overly optimistic assessment. Let’s just say that he is in a position to raise more money, get more exposure, be taken much more seriously and eventually move up to the top tier.

Whether this happens will have a lot to do with how Huckabee does under close scrutiny. Take it from me, the Arkansas media is a bunch of lap dogs. It is significant that Mike Huckabee did well against a very well financed front-runner. Mitt Romney, who poured millions of personal money into Iowa, should have performed much better.

The other part of this puzzle is radio ads sponsored by the so-called Club for Growth. These guys are all over the former governor for raising money to improve the worst public school system in America. Their children go to private school someplace else, so it is some sort of crime for people to pay for roofs, wiring, books, and programs to help young people?

It looks like folks in Iowa, even home-schoolers and evangelicals, saw through that nonsense.

(Broadcast August 16, 2007)

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