Friday, August 10, 2007

Good for Judge Griffen

Somewhere back in the dark ages, one old guy, beleaguered by harsh public accusations, and acquitted by a jury, was heard to wonder out loud, where do I go to get my name back? One images that is exactly how appeals court judge Wendell Griffen must feel today.

He has been harassed by anonymous accusers for doing no more than expressing personal opinions. Now, judges should be cautions about comments on anything that could come before their bar of justice. Griffen’s commentary has been directed toward federal reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Finally, the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission realized that he will certainly be upheld in federal court, where this case was ultimately headed.

Here is a man who you can actually get a feel for. He is out front without prejudicing himself. Wendell Griffen is the personification of honesty and fairness and that makes the daily dragging of his good name through the news all the more lamentable. The people of this state have deprived themselves of a powerful mind and a clear conscience on our state supreme court. I am pleased as punch to see the judge free of all these useless allegations.

(Broadcast August 9, 2007)

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