Friday, August 03, 2007

From the "on demand" audio department - UPDATE

Over on the home page,, I have been adding recent segments for those who miss the show "live" 8 - 11 AM Central. By the way, the "stream" is now up during my show only, but be advised that it is the radio network feed, so there are times when it is silent.

Here are the latest offerings.

UPDATE: Today's conversation with blogger and public relations wiz Blake Rutherford is now available. We discussed several things, but mostly the upcoming election on expanding the powers of Little Rock's mayopr. Of course, I am AGAINST that, but we had good fun. It was a fine hour and he will be back.

The newest school board candidate, Drew Pritt, talks about his desire to become the "swing vote" on the board. He handles a couple of "tough" questions, but it is a rather lighthearted romp.

Green Party candidate Rebekah Kennedy has ugly things to say about John Boozman (R-Wal Mart) and Mark Pryor. She also talks about getting the petition drive going that will put her on the Nov. 2008 ballot.

Ron Ward, father of Janie Ward who was murdered back in 1989, discusses her third autopsy which will be performed this weekend.

The Sports Doctor Gary Campbell says all is well in Hogland USA.

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