Thursday, August 09, 2007

Buddy Villines big secrets

My column in yesterday’s Democrat-Gazette deals with Pulaski County Judge Buddy Villines’ determined efforts to keep emails from accused felon, and former country controller, Ron Quillin, secret. Judge Mary McGowan has reviewed all 600 emails between Quillin and a female vendor with the county with whom he was having a romantic relationship, and has decided to keep the sexually explicit pictures each sent under wraps. That seems reasonable, but I could be wrong.

Villines wants to keep the press, and you, from seeing any of it. There is a lot more than voyeurism at work here. Folks are entitled to know how contracts are awarded and what kinds of favors get swapped. This story is also an important study in human nature, as regards the attempt to cover up what has happened.

Human nature is all wrapped up in greed and power. What we will do to get either money or authority over others is remarkable. That goes for Quillin and Villines. Government is like a living creature that needs nourishment to survive. The nourishment is money and respect. If we do not keep our eyes open, almost anybody can be corrupted. That is why secrets are such a bad thing. It is just a basic understanding of fallen human nature.

(Broadcast August 7, 2007)

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