Thursday, August 02, 2007

The bridge disaster

The following moment of dithering is brought to you by Awesome Disaster. It always happens that, after an Awesome Disaster, all the resident ninnies come out, almost immediately, suggesting brainless ideas to make everybody safe from any possible danger.

I firmly believe in government regulations to protect consumers, workers, travelers, and patients. Don’t think I have completely crossed over to the dark side and become some sort of neo-con. Not so.

A week ago, when a coach was tragically killed when he was struck by a baseball at Dickey-Stephens in North Little Rock, within hours there were some wondering if those coaches should be required to wear helmets. Every time there is an accident involving a school bus, some will start in on seat belts for those vehicles. That happens despite an abundance of research suggesting the opposite. I guess now we will have to quit using bridges, or if that is too hard, every bridge in the country needs to be inspected tomorrow.

The bridge in Minneapolis was reportedly inspected three weeks ago. This is hard to say, but things happen. Man is not in charge. Despite what you may have been told, we are, more often than not, powerless to change what is happening around us. We are in the hands of a Higher Power.

(Broadcast August 2, 2007)

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