Saturday, August 25, 2007

Arkansas, land of opportunity

It looks like the big secret is out. It is a curious development that SWEPCO admits in hearings before the Public Service Commission that one of the big reasons they want to build that coal-fired plant in Hempstead County is because Texas does not want any part of it.

That had been suspected but it is almost refreshing to hear somebody just come out and publicly say that one of the benefits of doing business in Arkansas is that our laws and regulators are so impotent, we will roll over for anything. That looks like a strong industrial recruitment tool for me, it is almost as good as one of the other current favorites; our workers are not as well educated but they work cheaper.

Let’s get busy and tell the nation.

If your business can’t operate anywhere else, if you are bad for the air, and dump chemicals in the water, we want you in Arkansas.

If you create a load of hazardous waste, welcome to Arkansas.

If you expect to hire workers just barely above the average salary of a Chinese political prisoner, we want you.

Come to Arkansas because we are so gosh darned desperate for any new business, we just don’t care. One more thing, while you are fouling our air and water, we have huge tax incentives waiting.

(Broadcast August 24, 2007)

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