Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Janie Ward outrage

When I read Mike Masterson’s column about the reburial of Janie Ward’s earthly remains after her third autopsy, there was this sinking sick feeling. How Ron and Mona Ward must have suffered since learning that their daughter had mysteriously died at a teenage party at a rural cabin near Marshall back in 1989.

The official story is that she fell about twelve inches from a porch, broke her neck and died. Much physical evidence, even the original autopsy photos, belies that cock-and-bull nonsense. The cover-up has continued since the day of her demise.

The Arkansas Democrat smelled something fishy just a few months after Wards death, and now ABC TV is on the verge of broadcasting a major documentary on this shameful miscarriage of justice. That national spotlight is the one and only thing that would ever get special prosecutor Tim Williamson off his do-nothing rear end.

The real purpose of last weekend’s examination is to provide a pretext to declare her cause of death as “undetermined.” That overlooks a reputable private autopsy performed two years ago and emerging eyewitness accounts of Janie’s murder.

The Ward’s civil lawsuit will not go away and Janie will get justice someday.

(Broadcast August 8, 2007)

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