Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shooting at NLR Wal Mart - UPDATE

North Little Rock police are investigating a Sunday afternoon shooting on the parking lot of the McCain Wal Mart. Witness descriptions of the alleged shooter vary, but he left the scene in a white or silver Chrysler 300. Direction of travel is reportedly toward I-40.

UPDATE: Make that a homicide. Apparently 2 victims and one is dead.

Witness accounts describe the shooter as a black male, about 6 feet tall, medium skin, gray-black pants. License plate of 4-door 2007 Chrysler 337LHX.

UPDATE 2: KATV Channel 7 has more.

We've been hearing for some time that the Wal-mart parking lots are full of crime. Kroger too. Where the hell are the cops? Where the hell is Wal-mart security? What the hell is happening in North Little Rock?
That NLR Wal-mart dropped the NLPD as security many months ago, dispite having an empolee beaten nearly to death, and alot! Of car's broken into-and a few stolen; Wal-mart needs to hire a new store manger or who ever their dropped the security. And get some security or police protection again. I maybe wrong- But is this the only store in central Arkansas to have NO security- or police protection? Truly saddens me.
But isn't it within the city limits of NLR? Shouldn't they be routinely taking care of business there just like they do in the McCain Mall parking lot, the Target parking lot, etc? Wal-mart certainly has some liability here, but the cops do too in our opinion.
This was a horrible crime. God bless the family. I do think there should be police at walmart and every other store but, I do not think It can be blamed on WM. It would have just happened somewhere else, if not there. We need to be careful who we blame or judge. There is only one bad guy here.
Thanks to Wal-Mart(Bentonville) they have decided to take the cops off the premises, not just in North Little Rock but at every Wal-Mart. This decision was made by Bentonville, not by the store managers. The theft and crime has exploded since the officers have been removed, I believe that if everyone would get in contact with wal-mart at bentonville and express their concerns with them, then maybe it will help with them putting the officers back on the premises. I do not believe that the officers are liable because they did not take themselves off, here again it is the home office that chose to do this. I know it is really easy for everyone to blame whoever is in charge of the store, but every decision that is made comes from bentonville. Please, Everyone help try to get these officers back, lets voice our opinions to the home office and try to prevent this from happening again. My heart and prayers go out to these families that was caught up in this act of crime!
Come on people do we have to do this again? Blaming someone other than the shooter?? Does this really make you feel better? The wal-mart manager is not to blame here the shooter is to blame. And what about the way we treat criminals? Don't you think if we had stiffer laws and punishments that maybe these people would think before they got involve in a criminal act? I think people are to quick to try to find blame when something happens like this. I bet the manager of that store went home one day and said yeah I think I will risk my life everyday and my family's lives and my employees lives so i think I will get rid of security! Are you people crazy? This crime would have happened with or without security but, a police officer would have been shoot instead. And NO this isn't the only store that doesn't have security. So do you want to blame this poor manager for that to? Our airports have more security than the White House and look what happened on 9-11 we lost many friends and family not because of security but people of some crazy whacked out criminals!!!! And what world do you live in that you really believe that security would have prevented this?? Lets focus on what we know is the truth and quit all the other bullcrap! A man gave his life to help someone. Lets start a blog saying how sorry we are that this mans family has lost someone they love because of a crazy mad criminal. I would like to apologize to that Wal-mart manager for the crazy things said here. Keep doing your job the best you can and my heart goes out to you and your family and to all the store employees that have this pain to deal with. None of this is your fault and you shouldn't have to carry it on your shoulders. Lets quit the blame game people. If you think posting something like this is helping this world be a better place or helping this poor mans family then you need to WAKE_UP. If you want to help the crime stop lets start by seeing to it that the person that DOES the crime is punished to the fullest extent of the law!!And stop all this other nosense!
Wal-mart has some liability?????? Give me a break. Yeah now a days the way the world is we probably need security every where we go. But, saying wal-mart and the police department has some liablity in this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! What about the shooter? Next time I think you should write down what you want to say and then read it back to yourself so you won't make such a fool of yourself. The only blame and liability here belongs to the shooter!! The world is the way it is today because of people like you trying to push crimes like this onto someone else or trying to find people to blame to make yourself feel better.Grow up. My prayers go out to all the families involved in this.
We have a lot of blessing going on, everyone says bless the family and our prayers are with them and the same people are calling each other names and putting blame on everyone else. Come on lets act like the lord would want us to and set an example. Lets not bless someone and bring someone down in the same blog. I pray for all!
I guess you missed the point! There is only one to blame and that is the boy that made the decision to kill and innocent man!
And yes I can pray for the family and call someone out that is trying to put blame on any other person besides the shooter. So, please be very mindful of what you say and what you write. And practice what you are started off your comment cutting people down for what they are saying and then ended you would pray for them all!
This battle shouldn't be between us we should all stand behind the victim and see to it the criminal gets his punishment.Every person is intitled to his or her opinion but the one thing we should all be together on is praying for these families!
Bottom line is the police/law enforcement agencies and government have a responsibility to protect it's citizens. Now it doesn't take an incredibly smart person to figure out a huge percent of the population goes to WAL-MART!!! Therefore, why not protect such a huge portion? It's not about blame, it's about being proactive...crime exists period.
Wal-Mart has been warned by MANY customers in the past about how dangerous this specific parking lot is.

Look up the crime statistics. The number of cars that have been stolen (at gunpoint), broken in to, and the number of people that have been robbed or attacked is ludicrous.

For a company to ignore all that information and still have minimal security (at best) is absolutely ridiculous.

First and foremost, the blame falls on the kid who was absolutely stupid enough to shoot someone after snatching someone's person, but I definitely think Wal-Mart has some liability here.

They've made their stores a breeding ground for illegal activity and we're all seeing how that turns out.

I think I've spent my last dime at Wal-Mart.
Oh yeah...check this out

It's just from early 2005 (when Wal-Mart has better security)
Oh so did you just figure out that Little Rock has a high crime rate? Is there enough police officers in the world to protect the citizens there?? Didn't they just find some bodies floating in the river isn't there shootings at the fair grounds every year? Isn't there drive bys going on everyday? I know we can blame every person that has something to do with the fair grounds, the people that live in bad neighborhoods, the parks and wildlife management because they can't control all the crime!And to say you've spent your last dime at wal-mart is crazy. Bet you can't do it.If you have enough time to check out all the wal-mart bashing sites then why not spend some of that time trying to get the criminals off the streets.People love to condemn and blame but, never do something to help!Bottom line is we need to enforce tough prison sentences on these criminals so they will think twice about it. Yeah maybe security at wal-mart, the bank, the fairgrounds, your neighborhood, Mcdonalds,Wendy's the mall and everywhere else you wish to go would be nice but, its never going to happen. Come on people rally together and stop crime....... PUNISH THE CRIMINALS!!!
I agree with the person above about the security may make you feel better knowing its there but, reality is what do you think one security guard would have done to stop this from happening? Who knows where he would have been when it was going on. Where I live you can't even go into the subways without wondering what will happen. Crime is everywhere and crime goes up every year. Sure in 2005 crime was lower. Crime of any kind is up every year no matter what. Why? Because our prisons are full and we keep letting them go and they never feel threatened about what will happen to them if they get caught.
I see Wal-mart has made a breeding ground for criminals huh.. Or do you maybe think that the bad parts of Little Rock are spilling over into what use to be low crime? You can't honestly blame Wal-mart for this. Yeah maybe some type of security is needed at every store. But, most stores don't have security. Here in Ft Smith alone there is a bank robbery almost everyday and there are security officers in every bank. Also there has been 3 murders in the same apartment complex.Patrols cars are there everyday. There was an elderly lady beaten behind the counter of the store she worked in for no reason. Would you like to blame wal-mart for that or would you say crime is up and we have to find an answer to the problem before the world goes to hell in a hand basket?
I just wonder if any of you people have ever asked yourself the question "Why doesn't wal-mart have security?" Now go look back to when they did and see that Wal-mart was being sued for having security. By people like you that believe this crime is wal-marts fault! You sue them for having security and crimes still happening. So wal-mart foots the bill no matter what they do. You take them to court because they have security or you take them to court if they don't?? Does this make since that maybe the problem is that criminals get there way so much they don't care and then people who are so willing to blame everyone but the criminals help them out by wanting to blame someone with money??!!People are so eager to blame. Well, blame the people that put fingers in chili so they can sue Wendy's or put dead mice in their food to sue the manufactuer or slip down on purpose to sue wal-mart or spill coffee on themselves to sue the person making it(by the way coffe is ususally hot when you buy it!)
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