Monday, July 02, 2007

No trust on terror alerts

It has been a terrible weekend in Great Britain. The new Prime Minister has been on the job less than a week, so he must be feeling miffed by terror attacks planed against London and carried out against an airport in Scotland. It turns out, according to an interview with the head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, that American intelligence sources have been picking up clues of a coming terror spectacular but have kept it secret. It also comes out in the same interview that there was information leading to attempts against airports in Scotland, but we never shared that information with the Scots. One more reason the United States has become so beloved worldwide.

I do not care what al-Queda says, or plans or does, the current administration is about as much a menace to American people. It certainly serves the president’s purposes to keep people from thinking about Iraq. Cynical? Yes. We have created a mess in Iraq, given Iran credibility it would have never enjoyed, and lost the advantage in Afghanistan.

I wonder if Congressman Ross is wishing he felt a little more comfortable a few years ago about taking John Kerry around the district. You remember John Kerry? He is the decorated hero who actually served in combat.

(Broadcast July 2, 2007)

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