Friday, July 20, 2007

Kevin Jones walks

Kevin Jones is a free man, having been acquitted by a jury of his peers. Maybe I am a sucker, but there is something inspiring about our criminal justice system that just gives me chills.

The prosecution must prove its’ case and the defendant can just sit silently, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. The judge decides on the procedural stuff and rules of evidence. The jury decides on the facts. It does not allow for perfect fairness, but, if everybody does his part, you get justice.

All the prosecution had was a disputed palm print. Things got worse when defense lawyers started raising questions about the Russellville police handling of crucial bits of evidence, such as Ms. Dirksmeyer’s cell phone. We can learn a lot from trials. Maybe the local police have learned something.

The most valuable evidence in this murder has been botched and there seems but scant possibility of a useful investigation. However, if there is a killer still at large, life has a way of exposing that kind of thing.

I am still not completely clear on why the judge did not include lesser charges in his jury instructions, but I will figure that out. An important trial was conducted in nine days. That is impressive.

None of this helps Nona’s family and it does not do justice to a beautiful young woman so brutally taken. Like I said, the system is not perfect.

(Broadcast July 20, 2007)

But, I gotta say, this kid is innocent, so great justice was done for him. If the RPD would have done even a somewhat better job, maybe the real killer would not still be at large. Just my opinion.....
We all want justice for Nona but to convict someone who didn't do it, is not the kind of justice people should want. They could have convicted his mother just as easily for her handprint on the phone she used. Do justice for Nona the right way. The correct person should pay, not just anybody. And that sheriff's department needs to learn how to correctly do a murder investigation. Even the novice juror knew what to look at for evidence. This was a botched case and you can blame the Russellville police department for it!
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