Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kevin Jones "not guilty of Dirksmeyer murder.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

How did it happen? Scroll down to "Dirksmeyer oddity."

not guilty! Not guilty! Not guilty! Kevin Jones was found not guilty! Thank you, dear God!
Thank God? Maybe God has better plans for Mr. Jones. He was found not guilty due to mis-handling of evidence. Typical for Russellville P.D.; my best-friend was raped in her own place of business, they never investigated the crime scene and then said they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute. No evidence? Because they were lazy or just didn't give a damn about the victim. This town needs to educate their police department! And serve and protect the people living here!
Yeah, they mishandled evidence alright....didn't take prints from the base/shaft of the lamp, didn't test the condom wrapper or any of the blood marks around the apartment for DNA. They are inept, and tried to convict an innocent boy of murder. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. His was/is innocent. They should really take a closer look at the step-father.
I feel bad for Kevin Jones - we have been in the similar circumstances with the police in Indiana - we need to tell our children the police are the enemy rather than your friend - they lie and twist the truth and think they are above the law. Shame on that police department for ruining that young man's life!! Were the neighbors ever even questioned in this murder? Were background checks done on the neighbors?? That town should be putting all of them in the UE line.
i hope the russellville police burn in hell for what they did to the jones family. they need to pay.
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