Monday, July 23, 2007

How did Little Rock get that windmill plant?

Since there has been so much said about Marion’s difficulty lining up a Toyota plant, I am very interested in Roby Brock’s analysis on how Little Rock scored a Danish windmill blade manufacturing plant on The capital city did not score a super-project. This one is not quite that big, but it is a $150 million investment and the North American headquarters.

We had the usual tax and cash incentives and a population base that suggests the possibility of finding capable employees. It is also noteworthy that Pulaski Tech has computer-training programs that fit nicely in the manufacturer’s plans. Brock notes in his analysis that Little Rock officials were fast in answering questions and concerns. The other positive selling point is a bit mushy, but it is commonly called “southern charm.” Everybody likes being well treated, so why not?

Could it be that the small things, the stuff we take for granted or completely overlook, are also important? It is also worth mentioning that discord over our public schools did not scare off a European investor, and folks from over there are fanatic about schools. People that care usually find a way for their kids to get a decent education.

(Broadcast July 23, 2007)

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