Thursday, July 05, 2007

The good fortune of freedom

Whoever put the Fourth of July on a Wednesday ought to be in seriously big trouble. Still, yesterday was a great occasion. Marie and I had the great pleasure to spend time with some friends. We had burgers, brats, booze, and a dozen kinds of salads. It was not even a shadow of Thanksgiving, but there were hints of gluttony.

Kids played, grown ups laughed, and there were fireworks. It is the most all-American holiday. On such a day, it might be easy to forget what it is all about. No guilt trip here. There is nothing to be guilty over. We are fortunate to enjoy the blessings of liberty. For all our problems and struggles, no other people have been as prosperous or free.

We are very lucky to be Americans, and that is a point to keep in mind. It is by the generosity of others that we are breathing free. It is a gift of God that most of us were born here and not in the rest of this tumultuous world where people somehow get by on a few dollars a year and might possibly have good water and live past 20 years of age. Who do you think owns the world anyway?

Our work may give us more possessions, but we are just darned blessed to be in this happy circumstance. It would seem that we ought to be more generous to people who would like to share our land of plenty.

(Broadcast July 5, 2007)

What is so bad having a holiday on a Wednesday? After all, what you really have is a monday followed by a friday... twice. Think about it. That means only a half day of work on the mondays because everyone knows it takes half a day to get back in gear after the break. And a half day of work on friday, because everybody cuts out early on fridays... or at least slacks for half a day until quitting time.

Viva la.... French! lazy ass Americans. Whatever. Where's my beer?
I asked Whitey Robertson about you once, he said "that bastard could eat and he liked Wellers".
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