Saturday, July 21, 2007

The city manager is safe?

WHEW! That takes a load off my mind.

Bruce Moore is a great guy. He is obviously a fine professional and an excellent politician. I had no ideas that Bruce might be in any kind of difficulty. Max and the gang at Arkansas Times have all the gory details. It seems that somebody decided to start a nutty rumor about some sort of "secret plan" based on race.

Several city directors have issued a statement to the effect that no such plan exists, and Little Rock City Hall never lies.

Of course, i the POWER GRAB passes on August 14, Mr. Moore will be the servant of the mayor, who will always have the six votes needed to back him up.. The city manager WILL lose his professional independence.

So it matters none who happens to be city manager, that person will do what he is told. Period.

Little Rock deserves and needs a true city council form of government, without the three at-large seats.


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