Monday, July 23, 2007

Big week for Little Rock Power Grab

There will be a press conference tomorrow to announce the local power brokers who will step forward in the latest deceitful scheme to wrest even more control of Little Rock city government. Scroll down or stick around and you will get a million reasons right here to be against the wicked scheme.

The next phase is fundraising for pay for the slick full-color lies designed to confuse and numb an unsuspecting citizen. The host committee is led by Mayor Mark Stodola, Directors Brad Cazort, Gene Fortson (appointed to the board), Stacy Hurst, Michael Keck, Dr. Dean Kumpuris, Doris Wright, and former Mayors Jim Dailey and Sharon Priest.

Well, at least nobody will accuse that crew of being representative of the ordinary people.

This charade will officially be known as "2 Votes for Leadership Campaign."

Actually, they might have more acurately called it the "2 Votes for Keeping the Same Worthless Special Interests in Charge."

It's Thursday 5 to 7 at Cothams and they have kindly suggested a free will offering of $100. That means the Chamber and the secretive 50 for the Future has already written large checks.

VOTE NO AUGUST 14. It's important.

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