Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday summary

Rep. Marion Berry says Congress should ease trade barriers that limit U.S.-grown foods sold to Cuba after returning from a trip to the communist nation. Berry and four other lawmakers spent five days in Cuba last week in conjunction with that country’s annual meeting with American agricultural producers.

Many Arkansans on Medicare could be turned away by physicians if Congress does not block a estimated 10 percent cut in funding planned to go into effect in January, according to a survey released Tuesday by the American Medical Association.

Arkansas may be better off than other states that have seen their revenues grow in recent years because the state has not greatly expanded government programs, the state's deputy finance director said Tuesday.

Mike Huckabee strongly defended his stands on evolution and abortion Tuesday in his effort to emerge from a crowded Republican presidential field, then went on the offensive against what he said was an unfair debate format.

ADEVCO Inc., formed by Marcus Devine, the former executive director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and chosen to become the sole disadvantaged business enterprise partner in the concession contract at the state’s largest airport, isn’t eligible under federal guidelines, a state committee has ruled.

A Jonesboro man shot and killed his estranged wife then fatally shot himself, ending a hostage standoff with police of more than 12 hours. The ordeal marked the second time in nine years that James Rouse had held Donna Rouse against her will. Authorities dismissed the charges in a 1999 incident in Truman.

A Siloam Springs father is behind bars on suspicion of having shaken his 3-month-old son who remains in a Tulsa hospital. Brian Sousley is in the Siloam Springs Jail being held on one count of felony first-degree battery.

Joseph Michael Bresnahan, a former assistant band director at Bryant High School, will serve 10 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction, with 10 years suspended, on four counts of first-degree sexual assault, a Class A felony. The charges followed his admission to four instances of molesting a 15-year-old male Bryant High School student.

At the arraignment of former Pulaski County Comptroller Ron Quillin on embezzlement charges, it was revealed that Quillin had been arrested in Clark County on two charges of forgery and was convicted in May 1988. He was sentenced to probation and ordered to make $615 restitution in the case. County officials say they were unaware of the conviction prior to investigating Quillin.

Felony theft of property charges are pending against an 18-year Pine Bluff police veteren accused of falsifying time sheets for court appearances. Charges were filed against Ronald “Ron” Miller, who was fired last month.

A deal approved by the North Little Rock City Council in February to help the city’s largest electric customer cope with increased power bills never went through, with no substitute yet to replace it. Polymer Group, formerly known as Chicopee, employs about 200 workers manufacturing nonwoven fabrics and other materials.

After 133 years, Winslow has no school. Winslow elementary closed yesterday. The high school shut down two years ago.

The Mayflower School Board needs to reduce its expenditures by $407,486. The shortfall comes as a result of among other things a $262,305 shortage in property tax money which the school should have received, but has not yet been turned in by the district's taxpayers, as well as several school programs which have gone over budget.

Obviously the debates are not fair unless every candidate gets to comment on every question. When is the Democrat debate with Sean Hannity asking the questions?
I have sniveling.
One man's sniveling is another man's fight for truth, justice, and the American way.
I would like to note that the information you have on this page concerning Joseph Bresnahan is false. There was no conviction, of a class A felony, and he was given just 20 months on two charges.
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