Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wally Hall's line in the sand

Wally is no fan of Chuck Barrett.

Today's Democrat-Gazette column is online, but you need a subscription. It's worth a read just to get an alternate viewpoint. Go buy a paper. It won't kill ya.

The crux of Wally's argument is that Barrett will be a source of further Razorback divisiveness.

Partly because the state is not unified on Houston Nutt and, on his radio sports talk show, Barrett compared anti-Nutt people to terrorists.

Terrorists are violent people committed to murder, mayhem and war.

Last time I looked, football still came under the heading of sports.

Does Hall blame Frank Broyles? Kinda'.

There is a sinister presence in the shadows.

If it is Matt Shanklin, who is the athletic department marketing guy and has been there only since 1990, then Broyles is making oneof the biggest mistakes of his career as athletic director.

Good Lord, Wally! That's 17 years since 1990. How long does one have to live in the golden land of opportunity before being granted full citizenship rights? I have ONLY been here since 1983.

Since I have had unhappy and hurtful departures from KARN (Barrett's previous network flagship) and Signal Media's Little Rock station, I feel qualified to impartially sort this out.

Based solely on these two afore-mentioned firings, you can easily see that decisions in broadcasting are often made for the flimsiest reason - or no business reason at all.

Wally has a financial relationship with Signal Media, which is the flagship for Drivetime Sports, an excellent program which often concentrates on the Hogs and is as slavishly devoted to the Hog religion as Barrett might ever aspire. "Darksiders" get nowhere with Randy and Rick, and are essentially without a viable forum.

Now the usual disclaimers. Randy Rainwater has never been anything but professional and kind in his dealings with me. I am not angry with anybody working on the air at that station.

I have no gripes whatsoever with anybody, on-air talent or management, at Citadel's KARN.

Nor am I suggesting that Wally Hall is "on the take." I do think his opinion may be influenced by where he is sitting.

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