Friday, June 08, 2007

Republicans night out

Mike Huckabee is still a long shot to gain the Republican presidential nomination, but he certainly gained ground in the latest presidential “joint press conference.” The loser last night was CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. How is a guy supposed to keep ten candidates straight?

The flaw is the format. Mike Huckabee is right to complain about not getting to answer on immigration. Somebody in the control room should have been feeding Wolf the necessary information if one of the contenders, even one on the so-called second tier, is not getting a fair shot.

Huckabee moderated on evolution and stated a social policy on the sanctity of life calculated to satisfy almost everybody. If Fred Thompson is the party’s choice, do you balance one southerner with another southerner? Huckabee is playing his best game, except for the slight whining. Republicans need to have something for the evangelicals and it might as well by the Huckster.

One more thing. He is playing a dangerous game with the one-liners. This is not for comedian-in-chief. And while I am on the subject, that little slip-up about Reagan’s birthday, it just doesn’t matter.

(Broadcast June 7, 2007)

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