Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Rainbow connection

The Russellville Courier is one of the best papers in the state, except when reporters who are called as witnesses in hearings for the Kevin Jones trial go on to write stories about the hearings about the Kevin Jones trial.

The Courier has been doing a bang-up job getting ready for the Rainbow Family National Gathering at the Ozark National Forest. Folks are already starting to arrive and set up camps in Newton and Crawford Counties. This is really big. Ten thousand over-the-hill hippies could drop in for this little funfest.

The good folks at the Courier were kind enough to report the arrival of one Melissa Marie Salazar. This lady is both a hippie and a hobo. Cool play on words, huh? She told a local judge she gets around by freight train, a practice I do not condone. The railroad cops are pretty tough customers, if you might be considering chucking it and hopping the next freight out of town.

Salazar is being held in the Pope County jail on the outside chance New Mexico wants to extradite her. She said she was on her way to the Rainbow Nation Gathering and her honeymoon. Who says hippies don’t have family values?

I was a total failure as a flower child, but I welcome the newest visitors anyway.

(Broadcast June 26, 2007)

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