Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris under siege

It looks like all that concern for what might happen to Paris Hilton in jail was just a big to-do over nothing. The Los Angeles County Jail carefully monitors the physical and emotional state of every guest, and when something seems not quite right, the staff of hospitality professionals and mental health experts swings into action.

As would be the case with any other inmate, rich or poor, black or white, famous or anonymous, her comfort and wellbeing were given top priority and Ms. Hilton was promptly reassigned to home detention. Exactly the same thing happened to Susan McDougal when she spent a delightful respite as a guest of the good people of California, by way of a highly motivated special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr.

While Paris wanders the halls of her plush Beverley Hills mansion, she will learn a thing or two about personal responsibility and respect for the law. Nobody can ever say that in America we have one set of laws for the wealthy and another for everybody else, so quit your whining and move on.

Those of you who do not agree with the judgment call of Sheriff Baca, ask yourselves this question; what would the world be like without Paris Hilton?

The defense rests.

(Broadcast June 8, 2007)

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