Friday, June 22, 2007

Lyncho Does Newport!

Time for some thank-you notes to the Newport Rotary Club where I was the after-dinner entertainment for the 74th Annual Banquet. Thanks to the outgoing President, Ms. Sheridan Cole who made Marie and I feel right at home.

Jon Chadwell, Executive Director of the Newport Economic Development Commission, invited us up for the evening and I learned a lot from him over dinner. Chadwell has a wealth of knowledge on industrial recruitment. All the members made us feel so welcome. You could not find a nicer bunch and they are all regular listeners on KNBY 1280, which runs my show 9 to 11.

The Newport Country Club is a classy place. The food was excellent and there was a variety of hot tasty items on the buffet. They got the prime rib just right and the au jus was not salty. The staff was professional. It compares favorably with any similar facility in these parts.

I may as well reveal that Scott Inman beat Chuck Barrett on my Voice of the Hogs poll. Newport is more interested in the Razorbacks than the Indians, and totally disgusted with the NCAA. The one political question concerned Hillary Clinton, who seems to be held in great regard, as is Governor Beebe, who graduated from Newport High.

I have a lot of fun doing this kind of thing. I am so done with the “save the world” stuff, so my spiel is pretty darned funny. When you Rotarians need to do a make up, remember the Newport club. They know how to have a good laugh.

(Broadcast June 22, 2007)

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