Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Houston Nutt's approval rating

A weather man from Alabama, claiming to be an ardent Hog fan, has released a survey he commissioned to test Coach Houston Nutt’s public approval rating. It is more scientific than an internet poll or a talk show, but there were problems.

The questions about the methodology, however, all indicate that the results should be skewed against Houston Dale Nutt. In fact, the results were not so bad, despite the opening questions about controversial emails and such. Sixty-three of the responding Razorback fans are approving of the head football coach. If the results are to be believed, that is outstanding.

It must also be noted that the University was dead wrong about only five percent of the people causing all the troubles. Fifteen percent of those participating were very dissatisfied. I thought it would be much higher. This measurement also reportedly shows the strongest backing for the program in Northwest Arkansas. That goes against conventional wisdom.

You can’t get much out of this thing, but it is probably good news for Houston Nutt. The guy just has nine lives and, no matter how bad things get, nothing can get rid of him.

(Broadcast June 19, 2007)

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