Monday, June 18, 2007

Dirksmeyer Developments

There have been developments in the Nona Dirksmeyer case. You already know by now that the defendant, Kevin Jones, has won his bid to move the trial out of Pope County. That was a bit of a surprise.

The bigger, and largely unnoticed news, is that Jonesboro hot-shot Bill Bristow has joined the Jones team. Bristow is Harvard educated, and he actually knows what he is doing. This is the lawyer generally credited with keeping former Attorney General Steve Clark out of prison in the “theft by deception” case involving his state American Express card.

Another interesting development is that police have messed up the cell phone evidence. It is complicated, but the defense will apparently argue that somebody else was making threatening calls to Ms. Dirksmeyer in the days before her death in December 2005. There are also questions about some fingerprints on the lamp at the crime scene. The bottom line is that the Kevin Jones legal defense is going to put on a strong case.

There has also been some interesting testimony about a newspaper reporter and local police detective postings to an internet crime discussion group.

(Broadcast June 15, 2007)

Next hearing regarding evidence is scheduled for June 29, 2007. It is a can't wait event.
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