Monday, June 25, 2007

Congressman Boozman calls ...

I have just completed a marathon (20 minute) conversation with Arkansas Congressman John Boozman concerning Amtrak.

I need to go someplace and decompress.

But first, let me say that he is a nice guy and I think he believes some things which are really a bit misguided, including the "empty train" myth about low ridership.

He believes that Amtrak receives "preferential treatment" from freight railroads in dispatching. This is despite an appalling "on time" record of most long distance trains.

His target is to reverse the so-called "preference," I think. In fairness, I need to review the transcript.

I would like to observe that I can not think of a single railroad which was not constructed with some sort of public-private partnership. This is a contract to haul freight and people, and so far as I am concerned, a deal is a deal. Call me a commie.


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