Monday, June 11, 2007

Bush and the Pope

Something about this doesn’t seem quite right, but when the President deserves our support, doggone it, we ought to give it to him. Now, when he starts popping off his typical Republican nonsense class warfare against the regular working people and pushing that war in Iraq, one ought to oppose him. It is a patriotic duty.

The president is in trouble for not addressing the Pope properly. Pope Benedict the XVI is a head of state. Vatican City is a nation. When the Pope asked President Bush a question, he answered “Yes, sir.” Mr. Bush must have a dozen protocol experts and I imagine he was properly advised.

The Pope, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, is properly addressed as “Your Holiness,” but that must get old after a while. There is something almost endearing about answering the Pope in such a straightforward fashion.

This Pope is one of the best. He is much closer to the faith once delivered than his predecessor. He makes mistakes, I make mistakes, George Bush makes plenty of mistakes. The Pope raised a very good questions about Iraq. What happens to Christians as we turn things over to the fighting factions? While President Bush continues his adventures in nation building, he might ponder that one.

(Broadcast June 11, 2007)

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