Thursday, June 28, 2007

A bad week for kids

There have been two tragic shootings of very young boys in Arkansas this week. West Memphis police mistakenly killed a kid carrying a realistic looking handgun in the dark. It looks like an accident.

In El Dorado, a 9 year old is dead after apparently being shot by a mentally disturbed man. This one bears a lot closer scrutiny because the alleged killer reportedly has a history of tossing bricks at kids and discharging his weapons inside the city.

Jonathan Watts was the butt of childish pranks designed to provoke his often flamboyant responses. It is reported that he has been in a mental institution and authorities should have been well aware of his situation. This is somebody who, if convicted, is probably not going to be held legally accountable. Nonetheless, this episode cries out for justice.

Authorities must have known that something really bad was bound to happen with this unfortunate man. Could he not be arrested, or involuntarily committed? Was it too much trouble, or is it the law? How does such a person legally possess firearms? Isn’t it against the law to fire your gun inside the city limits of El Dorado? How officials handled this man over the past years is a burning issue.

(Broadcast June 28, 2007)

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