Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad news for Fayetteville, Jim Harris plans to be objective

He's been nexting at Arkansas Times, home of Max and the famous blog, for quite a few years, but Jim Harris is now the sports guru at Arkansas Business. His blog is "The Playing Field." Check it out.

We dis'ed John Daily. Jim reports on Daily's exploits since Friday, when Jim personally saw him in Memphis. How will Channel 7 muscle Inman in as Voice of the Hogs? Who must be thrown under the bus? What other cool plans has Arkansas Business cooked up for sports fans? This segment (just over a half hour edited running time) is a must and it is posted on lyncho.com in the "on demand" audio section.

AND BY THE WAY, speaking of Max and the AT blog, there is bad news today for fans of great lunches. One of North Little Rock's legendary establishments is closed, perhaps for good. Read all about it.

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