Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Poor Paris!

For a brief shining moment, she was one of us, a farm girl doing odd jobs around town and looking for love. Paris Hilton did not exactly leave an indelible mark on Alma filming “The Simple Life,” although she did some damage to one local pool table. We knew she was headed to Hades in a Humvee.

It is not like Paris came with a clean rap sheet. The hotel heiress already had a certain fame for some internet gymnastics. Back in torrid California, Hilton is too busy to keep track of her own DUI convictions, or the penalties which accompany.

OK, the judge did not buy that lame excuse either. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail after she showed up late in his court and blamed her repeated traffic stops on her publicity agent. Now, of course, the judge is being questioned for the seeming harshness of the sentence.

I understand the principle. Nobody should get extra punishment, or less, because of who they are. Sauer was dealing both with drunk driving and an undisguised disrespect for the legal system. Since Hilton’s class of super-wealthy leaches benefit greatly from living in a land of laws, she, above all people, should show respect for the law. Case closed. Well done, Judge Sauer.

(Broadcast May 9, 2005)

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