Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our old friends, the Brits

You may have heard that the Queen is visiting. Just to be sure you get me clear, I am referring to Queen Elizabeth the second, monarch of the United Kingdom and Scotland. She used to be Empress of India, but things change.

She is still Defender of the Faith. Her very hip son, Charley, thinks that title is very exclusive and smothering and he wants to drop the definite article, so that the sovereign will be “Defender of Faith.” That means, no matter the kind of drivel to which you might subscribe, the King will defend it. That probably requires a lot less commitment than promising to stick up for the one holy catholic apostolic church.

Her Majesty has been through a lot, especially since that trollop Dianna checked out of this earthly sphere. Women in this old German family live to old age. Her mom made it to one-hundred-and-one.

Americans just go ga-ga over royalty. The entire White House turned out in white tie and tails, and you should see the President’s tail. The state dinner was a five-course glutton-fest. You had soup, fish, lamb and then the salad – before desert. Her Majesty seems like a nice lady, and I am glad Charlie is not in charge.

(Broadcast May 8, 2007)

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