Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A note to the Little Rock school board

Do you people realize that you can be seen by thousands on television? Do you have any idea how you look?

Let me help out.





I guess this is what the democratic process has given us.

One could hope that the white board members might take a few moments of contemplation and, perhaps prayer, to consider how it feels to be in the minority and to be continuously overlooked and dismissed. This is how African-Americans have often felt, so get used to it. White folks are a minority on the board.

The delaying tactics of the minority were so transparent as to be laughable. I'm, at least glad that none of you broke down crying.

I detest Katherine Mitchell's heavy-handed use of her supposed authority. Max Brantley is right in suggesting that the blatant attempt to impoverish two black board members is shamefully transparent. It made me physically ill to see that kind of raw and corrupt misuse of a public trust by an angry white minority.

No thanks to the black majority, this school district, only weeks from being released from a suffocating federal lawsuit, is in worse shape tonight. This is due to unforgivable ineptitude.

Without wishing to sound like a big ol' pile of stinking sanctimonious poo, this board needs reconciliation. The whole bunch of you have made a mess and the public deserves an apology, complete with a recitation of the specific offenses and a sincere promise to never do it again.

There also needs to be a genuine personal forgiveness by and from each member.

Dr. Mitchell?

PS - Buy out Roy Brooks' contract immediately.

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