Sunday, May 27, 2007

New friends at "The Seminal"

The Lynch at Large blog has been fortunate to be included among the 275 sites linked on "The Seminal." It's an honor. Of course, thier link has been added at the right.

Here is how they describe themselves.

The Seminal presents an independent media viewpoint outside of partisan politics and corporate control. Hailing from all over the globe, our writers bring you thoughtful commentary on current events. Join the discussion and take part!

This is already one of my favorites because of the diverse and unique viewpoints, absent the heavy hand of corporate control.

This is also a good opportunity to mention that Punditbuzz is another fine forum providing various viewpoints well organized around specific topics.

Many of you already know about Slate. I guess i better add a link for that one too. It is an outstanding source of solid information from outside the unreality of conservatives' alternate news universe in which inconvenient facts don't exist.

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