Thursday, May 31, 2007

Making electric rates "fair"

One of the most vexatious stories in the news concerns higher electric rates which go into effect for Entergy customers July 1, It’s nearly thirteen percent, but I guess it could have been worse. That does not take away the sting.

The Federal Energy Regulation Commission has decreed that it would be plumb inconsiderate to make Mississippi and Louisiana electric users pay for their own system inefficiencies. To be fair, which hurts more than you know, there is a contract called the System Agreement, and that legalizes this kind of corporate thievery.

This is the same nonsense that brought the crushing electric rates of the 1980’s in the Grand Gulf decision. It cost Arkansas billions. If there is a silver lining to this ominous cloud, Entergy is getting out of the System Agreement one of these days. Maybe we will live that long.

The problem is the nuclear power plant at Russellville. It generates too much power for too little cost. Naturally, that must be punished. Entergy in Mississippi is getting ready to build another plant at Port Gibson, the Grand Gulf site. It’s about time and our friends in Cajun country should do the same.

(Broadcast May 31, 2007)

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