Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lyncho on the tube

Today was the first run of Wednesday Wake-up on KARK Channel 4. The premise is that Neanderthal know-nothing meets worldly intelligent open-minded liberal. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I play the part of the lefty. At least I was not the loony lefty. I hate stereotypes.

Bill Vickery is a well-known mouthpiece for well moneyed special interests and he is my counterpart. The thing I like about Bill is that he is one of the few remaining public figures that can take a joke. He is still backing the President on Iraq, or he certainly approves of the Bush veto of the congressionally mandated pullout of troops. Bill and I agree on Katherine Mitchell, president of the local school board.

I voiced my backing for John Edwards call for higher taxes on the wealthy. Of course, Vickery squealed loudly about so-called “class warfare.” Apparently, he makes so much money as to be unaware of the attacks on working people whose jobs have been exported to the third world sweatshops and are unable to get medical insurance. Back when the rich paid their fair share, the budget was balanced and the economy was booming.

I think Bill and I could have a lot of lively discussions, and they are never dull. On Wednesday morning, check out Channel 4 around 6:30.

(Broadcast May 4, 2007)

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