Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LRSD, a district in distress

Things have gone from bad to worse in the Little Rock School District. No wonder folks out in the real Arkansas just hate us. You may have heard that the school board has decided to get rid of the superintendent, Roy Brooks.

Not being overly graceful, and in contravention of state law, our school board president, Katherine Mitchell, sent letters to the homes of nine high ranking administrators notifying them that their contracts might not be renewed. The problem with that is that, according to stature, only the superintendent can send that letter.

Making things worse, Mitchell apparently spoke with board members before sending the notice, which violates the Freedom of Information Act, and probably invalidates the action. It gets worse.

It is reported that the famous letter contained language that a reasonable person might take as intimidating language directed to anybody who might dare speak up for Brooks at his hearing. Guess what? Brooks has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the district has violated his due process right to a fair hearing. Darn it, he’s right.

So here we go again. Brooks has been the source of dissention and he needs to go. Sadly, instead of working for unity and the best interest of students, the ill-advised actions of the board majority have thrust the district back into controversy.

(Broadcast May 1, 2007)

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