Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leverett laments divided Little Rock School District - UPDATE

Mara Leveritt, my favorite independent journalist, visited today to discuss the West Memphis Three and the protest set for early June. We also got into a story she broke many years ago and retold by Kelly Duda in his film Factor 8. Then, we got on the Little Rock School District. It was an awesome hour and you can listen free from the "on demand" audio section of my home page.

UPDATE: Kelly Duda, who speaks highly of Mara Leveritt, puts a little different tilt on the story. I think this is worth note.

he did not know about Canada or where any of this blood was going. Nothing had been traced back to Cummins at that time... She did not report about the failed international recalls in the early 1980s, the FDA shutdown of the program, the revocation of the center's license, the restart of the program six months later .... She did posess/cite FDA investigation or CDC documents from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Mara also did not report about HMA, the group that was contracting with the prison system at the time when all the major problems in the 80s happened. Nor did she talk about Gov. Bill Clinton (and all the governor's men) or Vic Snyder and their links to the goings on at the ADC. Nor of the problems in 1960s with Dr. Stough and when the plasma program he started there. ... Hers was a cautionary tale, a warning. (And I wished the state had listened.) However, there was NO public scandal at that time. Mine was/is the full account of what occurred.

This is Kelly Duda, director of Factor 8 .... In the above mentioned blog by Pat ... I am refering to what Mara did not report about in her 1991 piece for the Times. Some people wrongly (i.e. The Arkansas Times) say today that she broke the Arkansas Tainted Blood Story in 1991. Not true. I love Mara and she's a great reporter, but she did NOT have what I have and she'd be the first to admit that. Her article was a cautionary piece saying the state shouldn't be doing this anymore and I wished the state wouls have listened to her!

But she knew of no victims, nor the problems with HMA or whom HMA was inrelation to the plasma program and all the regulatory problems that occured then. Just trying to set the record straight.

In the email that Pat excerpts I mean to say that Mara DID NOT have FDA or CDC documents.

Kelly Duda
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