Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The last word on American Idol (for now)

If the season finale of American Idol was not an atrocity, it could be rightly described as a disappointment. Of course, the right person won. Jordin has a wonderful vocal instrument, which ought to beat out the mediocre singer most days.

Last season we saw Meatloaf, Prince and Diane Warwick bring down the curtain with some real drama. This year it was Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Sanjaya. That was a travesty. The return of Brandon Rogers great voice underlined the incredible injustice of keeping Sanjaya around too long.

Carrie Underwood, the winner from two years ago, was her typical boring magnificent self. Rubin reappeared. He looks good and the velvet voice is still there. Bette Midler was beyond awful and who picked out that weepy “wind beneath my wings song?” That sappy piece of nonsense, which the winner is required to sing, is enough hokum for one evening.

Thank the Lord up above for Tony Bennett, who, at age 80 can still deliver a great performance. Melinda Doolittle deserved better placement, but she was always my favorite. I am informed by those who are more culturally hip that Blake’s beat-box performance was very cool and the dude he did whatever it was that he did with was also very cool.

The show looked like a train wreck. It gave the appearance of being hastily thrown together.

(Broadcast May 25, 2007)

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