Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Film producer spotlights tainted Arkansas prison blood

Documentary producer Kelly Duda stopped by and we talked about his film, FACTOR 8: THE ARKANSAS PRISON BLOOD SCANDAL and the issues surrounding it.

FACTOR 8 will be screening at the Riverdale 10 Cinemas, Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20th as part of the 1st Annual Little Rock Film Festival.

A Q and A discussion will take place afterwards.

FACTOR 8 explores how tainted blood was harvested from sick and diseased prisoners in Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor and sold around the world infecting thousands of patients with hepatitis C and AIDS.

FACTOR 8 originally premiered in Hollywood as part of the American Film Institute Los Angeles Film Festival (AFI FEST) and garnered a stellar review from Variety (see below) and recently was screened at the King Center/ MLK National Historic Site in Atlanta.

This is a great interview, and you can listen free or download the mp3 file on my home page,

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