Monday, May 21, 2007

Dillards gets LYNCHED!

I am a bit upset that the Democrat-Gazette reporter failed to note the length of this year's Dillard's shareholders meeting. Usually it's around 22 minutes, or even shorter. This is a family operated business and obviously running in a parallel universe with rules much different from our own.

Anyway, the social activists have been (rightly) all over Dillard's and that is totally delicious. Here is how the newspaper covered it.

Dillard’s Inc. on Saturday announced its shareholders have rejected a “sustainability” proposal, with Chief Executive Officer William Dillard II adding that the Little Rock-based retail chain doesn’t “take it upon ourselves to be a policeman.”

The proposal by shareholders, including Christian Brothers Investment Services Inc., an investment advisory firm for Catholic institutions, requested that Dillard’s issue a report by the end of March 2008 that would include a companywide review of environmental and social policies and practices and other issues.

Dillard said the company already doesn’t work with factories using child labor. But he also noted, “We don’t spend our efforts trying to fix the world.”

In other words, some of the most privileged people in America don't mind gulping down all the milk and honey, but they darned well don't want to ever have to accept any responsibility. I should have come down on 'em a lot harder, but listen anyway on my home page, It's in the audio "on demand" section.

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