Monday, May 21, 2007

Brother Jerry

Jerry Falwell will be buried this week. Here are a few final thoughts for a man who did more harm than good.

When you add up his life and recount all the nasty things he had to say about various factions, gays, pagans, homosexuals, and witches, one wishes he had pointed a few of those well polished arrows at the wealthy. How would the world have been if Brother Jerry had ever let loose at the insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals, the land developers, or banks? Each of those works overtime to rob the average American of his God-given birthright.

Falwell was insistent that religious folks should get into politics, and one can hardly argue with that. Of course, he specifically had in mind only those whose religious beliefs were agreeable to his; and, more importantly, drew a certain political affiliation out of that spirituality.

We must always hope that there will be good Christian people seeking public office and that they will be guided by their beliefs. Falwell seems to sincerely not understand the danger of asking the government to legislate religion, which is far different from legislating morality. When government promotes your religion today, it might make it illegal tomorrow. That is why it is a good idea to keep church and state apart.

(Broadcast May 21, 2007)

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