Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beebe takes on state colleges

It feels like I have spent the day tanning under the TV studio lights at KARK Channel 4. Bill Vickery and I have this road show that is somewhat entertaining and often highlights the differences of opinion that can develop among good folks.

We talked about the Republican presidential nominees, Jerry Falwell, oil prices and Mike Beebe. It was the governor that got us to come together in sweet accord. My theory is that the proposal to give public colleges and universities incentives to keep and graduate students is sheer brilliance. That will tend to highlight which schools are performing at the highest standard, and suggest possible areas of consolidation.

While being one of the most undereducated and poorest states, Arkansas has a system of higher education that tends to have some duplication and maybe even redundant campuses. Each of the schools may have a certain niche, but taxpayers, and students, deserve the best bang for the buck.

Beebe is on the right track here. When polar opposites come to agreement, everybody better pay attention. Change is in the wind, and it is a good thing.

(Broadcast May 17, 2007)

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